Lose Weight


What is Green Coffee Extract?

Green Coffee Extract comes from raw green coffee beans that are never roasted. They contain Chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant that promotes weight loss. It is important that when taking products containing Green Coffee Extract that they contain at least 50% Chlorogenic Acid. Don't worry Skinny Elixir does!
When consumed on a daily basis, Chlorogenic acid not only promotes weight loss, but prevents fat from being stored in the future.

What are the benefits of Chlorogenic Acid?

-  slows release of glucose into the blood stream after eating, causing the body to seek out stored fat as its source of energy
-  decreases body fat percentage by up to 10% without making any additional changes to one's lifestyle
-  prevents the body from storing more fat in the future
-  boosts metabolism
-  causes thermogenesis which leads to weight loss
-  reduces size of some fat cells
-  inhibits rate at which new fat cells grow; prevents future weight gain
-  strengthens the liver, the most important fat burning organ

What causes your body to store fat?

Everything that you eat turns into glucose. The glucose then enters your blood stream and is carried to different organs. When you consume more glucose than is necessary, your body has nowhere to store the excess glucose. The body converts that excess glucose into stored fat to be burned later.

Our Skinny Elixir contains these Superfood ingredients to target stored fat, so it is burned and eliminated out of the body:

    -  powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy weight loss               -  nutritional powerhouse that promotes fat burning
    -  supports healthy blood sugar levels                                                 -  higher protein content than most fruits
    -  suppresses appetite                                                                            -  high in fiber, potassium, B vitamins and vitamin C
    -  boosts energy & fights fatigue                                                          -  antioxidant properties
    -  promotes better sleep, necessary for weight loss
    -  promotes healthy digestion
-  strengthens muscles and bones                                                            -  extremely rich source of antioxidants
-  stimulates the secretion of human growth hormone                          -  high fiber content to keep you fuller, longer
-  balances blood sugar                                                                             -  prevent and regulate high blood sugar
-  improves liver function                                                                          -  high in antioxidants
-  high in vitamin B1 which promotes healthy thyroid function 
and a healthy metabolism
-  used in China as a low calorie sweetener
-  used to treat diabetes and obesity
-  rich in vitamins and antioxidants  
-  supports the digestive tract
*Green Coffee Extract also contains a small amount of caffeine. The caffeine content in green coffee beans unlocks fat stores in the body. Those freed fat cells are then sent to the liver. Chlorogenic acid, the compound found in green coffee extract, strengthens the liver and assists in the processing of fat.